Water Quality

Alabama Water Watch is a citizen volunteer, water quality monitoring program covering all of the major river basins of the state. The mission of AWW is to improve both water quality and water policy through citizen monitoring and action. Established in 1992, AWW is a national model for citizen involvement in watershed stewardship, largely because of its three interrelated components: citizen monitoring groups, a university-based program, and a non-profit association. AWW uses EPA-approved monitoring plans with a community-based approach to train citizens to monitor conditions and trends of their local waterbodies. With a “data-to-action” focus, AWW helps volunteers collect, analyze, and understand their data to make positive impacts.

You or your organization can volunteer to clean Alabama’s coastal waterways and beaches. Take part in the state’s largest annual volunteer event as you clean your neighborhoods, local parks, streets, and storm drains too. Trash travels through storm drains, streams, and rivers to become bay and Gulf pollution. Picking up litter benefits you, your community and the Gulf.

Over 100,000 volunteers have assisted in this event since Alabama joined the International Coastal Cleanup in 1987. We are grateful to the many helping hands and hearts who have pitched in to benefit our priceless natural resources.

Monitoring Sites